TULIP – Process Automation

Intelligent Robotic Process Automation

Intelligent Automation & Intelligent Enterprises are going to be a key market influencer

The combination of RPA and advanced technologies is transforming deterministic and rule-based RPA into truly intelligent automation. Enterprises are expecting to gain greater value from IA with its promise to process huge amounts of data, learn on the go, and automate complex business workflows

TULIP platform is the Only Business Automation Platform with End-to-End Process Automation combined with Artificial Intelligence, Conversational Platform & SAP Automation Agent.

Easy Maintenance

Automation components built can be reused across regions and units. MY TULIP lets the automation DevOps lead to take complete control on the applications and robots created, execution dashboard and logs help faster turnaround for issues.

Simple Infrastructure

Automation should not require any sophisticated server setup. Our container mechanism enables you to run 100s of bots on a single server. You do not even need a bot farm or a significant infrastructure for automation.

Self Service Capability

Most of the automated reports can be avoided if a capability to provide self service is provided to the users. The users instead of receiving number of reports can directly query Honey for the relevant data whenever they need.

Mobile Ready

Do not wait to reach the office to start executing your tasks. Trigger the bots while you are traveling. Validate the results of tasks and re-execute tasks from your mobile.

Schedule and Execute Tasks

Need to schedule tasks as per type of execution, we are CRON job supported you can ask us to schedule in your natural language “I need my Job to run on a Sunday, 7 AM, or weekly once etc.”

Complete Security Control

Control who can build the tasks and who can execute them. Not just that, ensure that the automated task are carried out based on the access level of the executor.

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