QTekPro – Mobile Quality Management

Empower Quality Control Work Force

Manufacturing intensive businesses across multiple geographies face key challenges in overseeing manual or paper-based quality control operations, quality inspections, & real-time quality notification management. Digital transformation is the first step towards executing enterprise mobile strategy which calls for real-time visibility, automation of core quality operations, quality lot inspections, defect & decision recording and improves overall quality control accuracy, inspections & work capacity.

Businesses are increasingly looking to enterprise mobility as an integral part of their digital transformation strategy. Gartner forecasts that by 2022, approximately 70 percent of all software interactions in the enterprise will occur on mobile devices

QTekPro is an Android/iOS based Mobile Application to perform
all Quality Management related business functions like Quality Notification Processing, Create/Change Inspection Lots, Inspection Lots Results Recording, Defects Recording, Usage Decision, and MIS Analytics

Additional capabilities include Offline Access, Document Integration, Extended security, Built-in bar code/QR Code/RFID readers, IoT plug-in and ready to use QM analytics dashboard.

Business Functions