GMS to Enstrapp

“Mobility is here to stay. It will only grow bigger and become more connected”

Enterprise mobility solutions can be defined, in simple terms, as the world of connected digital devices. Mobility means opportunities to reinvent business processes, giving access to information which is relevant and important at that point in time. It actually results in increased productivity at a decreasing cost. An enterprise mobility strategy is less about managing mobile devices and more about being an advocate for the business—enabling the business to integrate and deliver new and innovative business services more quickly.

Enterprise Mobility Integrates technology, people and processes for efficient and effective delivery of the core business functions to the several business units present within the organization. The future of workforces is distributed and digital. Mobility solutions empower employees to add value while maintaining connectivity with core company systems, while also allowing enterprises to design and develop end point systems unique to specific roles, functions, and geographic locations.

There is no doubt that the emergence of innovative technologies such as Enterprise Mobility Solutions offers businesses a new approach to enhance business productivity, simplification the total method structure of operations as well as in the revenue earning process of the business. Enterprise mobility provides real time transparency to all levels of a workforce resulting in more autonomy for those on the ground and ultimately more accurate reporting data for those in management

Enstrapp IT Solutions with its years of experience in the Enterprise Mobility, has accumulated a unique combination of the following:

  • Defining Enterprise Mobility Strategy
  • Mobile Application Technology Expertise
  • Mobile Application Security Expertise
  • User Interface Design Expertise
  • Industry Vertical Domain Knowledge

Enterprise Mobility Solution Future Trends

A big surge is seen in the growth of the trend of “Bring-Your-Own-Device” in the workplace, being encouraged by several business organizations. BYOD culture has helped to attain a growth in the efficiency of the workers and employees, thus increasing their business productivity. This trend will be seen being widely used globally within the next few years.

Artificial Intelligence is gaining huge importance in the global business world as corporate giants like Apple, Amazon, and Google shifts their key focus to implement a greater use of AI technology. AI-based security is becoming a game changer for creating a secure environment for the development of the BYOD trend.

The constant growth of IoT and its implementation in various parts of the organizational structure of enterprises will soon surpass the era of Smartphones. In the upcoming years, it is being presumed that the IoT connected devices will comprise of other electronic devices Smartphones, desktop, laptops, and smartwatches through a Wi-Fi connection.

The use of Chat bots, in recent years to come, will be ever-increasing as it ensures utmost consumer satisfaction and companies are going to achieve huge advantage from it. Chat bots facilitates the enterprise to answer the queries of the customers instantly. Hence, concerns and requests comprising of payment approval, appointments, and any other information can be delivered to customers while maintaining substance and quality. In the next few years, Chat bots will be seen as a mode of inter-departmental interaction between various teams within an organization – thus, increasing the productivity of the projects.